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Digital learners expect rich, visual information experiences. It's hard to grab their attention with traditional techniques. Teach your groups using interactive video lessons and share all relevant media with Metta's easy-to-use platform.


Multimedia storytelling combined with polls, quizzes & trackable assignments.

Videos with embedded questions

Bring relevant video material to the classroom to help them to learn without feeling that they’re being taught. Embed polls and quizzes to keep them interested and excited. Get them involved, they’ll love it!

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Group assignments — personalized statistics

Set up your flipped & blended courses by adding your groups and assign your own video lessons. Responses from all embedded questions are recorded for you to see how each student has performed and how efficient your lesson was.

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YouTube videos as lessons

It's super-simple. You just assign a single video to your group, the rest is done by Metta: students get an automated notification to complete the task on time and when it's done you'll be notified too.

But there is much more: you can string together multiple videos, add captions, pictures, sounds, quizzes or polls to the mix. You can freely combine elements from the web to compelling slideshows with voiceovers, to multimedia presentations or movies.


Teach  or  learn

With Metta every member in a group can be a learner or a teacher. You can easily switch between learn and teach mode. When it’s time for students to present their actual subject, they can start teaching you or their peers.

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Our Prices

  • Basic
    • 1 group *
    • Limited quiz module **
    • 10 MB storage space
  • Plus
    $60per year
    • 2-5 groups *
    • Unlimited quiz module
    • 1 GB storage space
  • Pro
    $108per year
    • Unlimited groups *
    • Unlimited quiz module
    • 10 GB storage space
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All plans are billed annually.
* You can have up to 30 members in your group in the free plan. Members do not need to register.
** Poll/quiz module records the first 100 responses on each poll


Language Learning

Music Video Lyrics Quiz

This is a nice example of a video quiz. Check it out and see playful Metta can be in the classroom!

Explanatory Video

Learning Story With Embedded Poll

You can extend a video on any subject with your opinion and you can easily get valuable feedback.

Video Assignment

Poetry And Digital Media

Or mix images and video from several sources to establish a whole new context of the items you've used.

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Our Users Say

My students were able to create some wonderful presentations... and privately share them with me.
They really loved it and are excited to use it again soon.

Jake Duncan, sixth grade social studies/world cultures teacher

a whole new media experience, a mashup — for some applications, this could be amazing.

Amy Erin Borovoy, Senior Manager of Video Programming, Production, & Curation at Edutopia

Metta is a good tool for creating short flipped lessons for your students.

Richard Byrne,

About Us

First, we created the world's coolest music video mixtape service (used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide) when our kids started schools. Then, we realized that most teaching methods haven’t changed much in the last 30 years while we’re seeing our kids expecting media-rich experiences whether in or outside the classroom. They are learning on the web, through apps, games and most importantly: through videos. So to help teachers get children excited and keep their attention, we’ve created Metta, a video learning platform that allows them to create and share engaging video lessons in their groups and also track the progress. Give it a try!


Founding members

Tamas Szakal, co-founder
Business, strategic direction

Peter Szakal, co-founder
Creative, UX, front-end

Attila Garancsi
Technology, coding, back-end


Why do educators love Metta?

For a number of reasons as you can see in the quotes, but what they love most is that they can work with online video without sending students to YouTube or any other site. Metta’s clean and distraction-free environment keeps their students focused and engaged at the same time.


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